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Mearlag exists to achieve the right solutions, deliver immediate and future value, and establish a sustainable future for your business.

Passionate about making buildings work much better, focused on Sustainability, Technical Facilities Management and Building Services Engineering.

About Us

Mearlag is a Consultancy that Delivers Sustainable Solutions for the Built Environment for Business.

We provide clients with practical expert advice, support and tailored solutions for Sustainability, Facilities Management and Building Services Engineering. 

Our team is committed to making buildings best in class and work so much better for owners, investors, agents, managers and occupiers, whether this is existing, new or at the design stage.

Our Services


Facilities Management

Building Services Engineering


Sustainability is at core and embedded in everything we do. We specialise in Net-Zero Carbon, Development and Delivery of Strategy, Pathway and Progress, Intervention Projects Operational and Investment Opportunities.

Our Team’s Community and Lifestyle Support can help you connect and transform your business with internal and external stakeholders to make a sustained difference.

Net-Zero - Development and Delivery of Strategy

Whether on the path or commencing your journey, we are here to help you develop and deliver your strategy with practical and achievable solutions for your plan. We collaborate closely with you to enhance your plan and achieve better results.

Intervention Projects Operational and Investment

Work with you to develop and deliver practical solutions when required to suit your pathway and business. We adopt in and out-of-box thinking that will provide you with achievable best-in-class-leading interventions, both Operational and Investment opportunities.

Pathways and Progress

Your pathway progress, monitoring and verification are critical for your reputation and business. You will require to report your performance internally and to external stakeholders. We will provide you with the support and tools to achieve and communicate this. 

Additional Support

We are on hand to support and mentor staff throughout your business and partners’ development to align with your Net Zero objectives and for them to contribute effectively and become core to it.

Facilities Management

We provide procurement, performance reviews, audits, management, compliance and cost efficiencies to improve your business’s standards across Technical Facilities and Maintenance.

Performance Reviews

In collaboration with you and providers, review your existing arrangements and services for performance, efficiency, practices, delivery and value for money. We provide findings and workable solutions with efficiencies and improvements for your business and providers.  


We work closely with you from conception to implementation. To develop your brief and needs from the contract, create the performance and specifications for a tender with vetted and agreed suppliers. Tender, deal with tender queries, analysis, negotiations, interviews and recommendations.


We can manage your technical facilities contract with full support whilst you work with the provider on the ground with us at your side. Management takes many forms to suit your business and resources. From full/partial control, ongoing technical support providing a safety net for performance, compliance, efficiency and cost.


These can be full or specific to a service. The areas covered planned preventative maintenance, compliance, financial, service level agreements, communication, reporting and satisfaction. We will findings and practical solutions with efficiencies and improvements for your business and providers.  

Building Services Engineering

We undertake condition surveys, life cycle plans, acquisition surveys, fit-out management, client representative role, service charges and operating cost reviews on existing and new builds, and design reviews for sustainability, operation, functionality, efficiency, and business costs. We also provide ongoing support and advice as your go-to resource for your business.


Carry out condition surveys of your building linked to life cycle plans identifying current condition, future investment requirements and opportunities. We also provide advice on technical due diligence on acquisitions and disposal strategies.

Life Cycle Plans - Forward Maintenance

For your assets, we provide life cycle replacement plans, and in addition to industry benchmarks, we adopt a rethink replace approach to life cycle replacement. We identify life cycle opportunities and a clear path for the future necessary financial interventions to maintain the investment and contribute to a sustainable future of net zero.

Operating Costs

To achieve the best value, provide advice on existing and new build operating cost positions, whether service charge reviews or landlord/owner cost centres.

Ongoing Support and Advice

We provide ongoing advice as your go-to resource for Building Engineering Services Support.

Mearlag exists to get the right solutions, deliver immediate and future value, and establish a sustainable future for your business.

Who Are We

Stuart M Laidlaw is the founder and active practitioner of Mearlag. A team of industry experts assist in supporting and delivering for the business.

Stuart Laidlaw

Stuart M Laidlaw



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Stuart has over 40 years of practical experience in building services engineering and property. For the last 20 years working for an owner and operator of Shopping Centres. Stuart is a recognised industry leader in carbon management, having chaired the BCSC (Revo) Low Carbon Working Group for four years and has a proven track record in achieving carbon reductions. Stuart is an expert in better use of benchmarks – energy usage, service charge elements for predictive and comparative purposes, and plant and system replacement project costs. He has a strategic approach in business planning, delivering change for the better, planning and future-proofing.

He has experience in technical due diligence and re-financing for over 30 properties for £ 3 billion. His skills are on condition, ESG risks/opportunities, entry/exit strategy, future liabilities, costs, opportunities for improvement and risks. He has in depth experience in ESG, GRESB, GHG reporting, ESOS, EPC and regularity compliance. Stuart is strategic but adopts a hands-on collaboration with all stakeholders from projects, leasing, suppliers, shareholders, investors and tenants on our environmental, engineering performance and ambitions.

Stuart has experience in net zero pathways for shopping centres. Delivery in investments for renewables, carbon performance plans, technology, plant, data analysis, software platforms and systems to enable achievable ways to net zero.


Chartered Engineer (CEng)

Fellow (FCIBSE)

Certified Low Carbon Consultant (LCC)

ESOS Lead Assessor

Revo (BCSC) – Former Chair Low Carbon and Environment Working Group 

Building Services Research and Information Association (BSRIA) – Former Member of Council and Publications Panel representing end users and clients.

Better Buildings Partnership – Active working group Member 2010 to 2021

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+44 (0) 7702765519

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Mearlag is an Engineering Consultancy. Passionate about Making Buildings Work Much Better, focused on Sustainability, Facilities Management and Building Services Engineering.

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